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 What is Royal Air Maroc Virtual Lines?

Welcome to the first and only IVAO-certified virtual Moroccan airline! Here you can find a way to practice, evolve and learn to fly with a great community! Or even more ... Role Play pilot with a virtual career at RAM Vlines. Moreover, you can follow the progress of development by visiting this page: Additionally join us on our VA2 : VA2 Login . Finally, don't forget to report any bug you may find.

Notice: All flights must be sent via SIMACARS, if there is a discrepancy, please report it to DEV / DEP through Discord Server, but we strongly recommend our pilots to use standard SIMACARS for flights until we fix the new features of our new Tracker V2.

Special gratitude : Many special thanks to Eliass, a real RAM pilot, as well as the community and our staff for their precious help!

Us atout !

Because we want the best for you !
We do everything we can for your comfort !

Easy to Use

Use an outstanding system ! With our unique and redesigned tracker, become efficient in your flights . Enjoy advantage of an efficient and intuitive management interface !

Good Events

Our events in cooperation with the Morocco division are carefully chosen in detail to offer unique moments and strong group cohesion.

Full Support

Never stay alone ! With our dynamic and motivated management team, we accompany and help you in your career at RAM-VLINES.

Social Experience

You have skills, a passion come and develop with us ! Aviation is a big world that opens up to a lot of possibilities . Come and blossom with us !


With over 300 scheduled routes, enjoy an incomparable and realistic flying experience . Modeled on the real Royal Air Maroc .

Staff Experience

You have a sense of management, you want to contribute to the project ? Become a staff at RAM-VLINES . From the training center to the development of the company, come and help in the elaboration of the project .









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Coming events

January 22nd, 2021

Dear pilots,The Morocco and Germany division are happy to invite you to participate to a liaison to ...

They follow and support us !